Interview with Isabelle Visconte

By Rafa Di Gangi

Isabelle Visconte is an Italian actress who loves the genre of spies and suspense and of course the James Bond films.

I accept an interview for Bondcollection to know more about her and her dream of being a bond girl

Bc ¿ Why did she become a thriller actress?

Isabelle Visconte: I adore playing action thriller roles because they make my adrenaline flow,i feel so alive and it is as if my life was pure adventure!

Bc ¿ Do you have some time of weakness when choosing projects? Isabelle Visconte: I love suspense!

Bc ¿ How has your life changed since you started working as an actress?

Isabelle Visconte: My life changed because i'm now doing exactly what Isabelle Visconte: i want to do...being able to fully express myself

Bc ¿ What is the most difficult thing for a European artist when making a film?

Isabelle Visconte: Oh,i don't see any limits

Bc ¿ Do you feel that your participation in the Bond saga could change your place in the industry?

Isabelle Visconte: The role of a Bond woman gives an actress worldwide recognition,she becomes an iconic figure.For me it would not only be an amazing experience really living in the secret world of 007 but it also would give me the opportunity to work with great artists.

Bc ¿ Why would you like to be a bond girl?

Isabelle Visconte: Because for a few moments it could make me act out my fantasy and live the adventurous life that i have only dreamed of living,we all need daydreams!

Bc ¿ Do you have a James Bond movie that is your favorite?

Isabelle Visconte: Yes sure,there are two...'The Living Daylights' and above all others 'The World is not Enough' because of the inclusion of Sophie Marceau,she's my favourite actress and my inspiration!

Bc ¿ Do you think you have the profile of a bond girl?

Isabelle Visconte: Oh...i must leave that decision with yours readers!

Bc ¿Your favorite actor to play James Bond?

Isabelle Visconte: I have two favourite Bond actors: Roger Moore and Pierce Brosnan,but i also like Timothy Dalton very much.

Bc ¿ What are your next projects at the moment?

Isabelle Visconte: There are several projects i am involved with at present,but the one that stands out is my role in a new spy saga set in a world very similar to Bond.I play 'Agent 116 MISS DEADLYCHARM' created by English writer Mr.Michael Wilson.Agent 116 is a strong female character i adore her and i hope you will too!

Bc ¿ Why are you a fan of James Bond films?

Isabelle Visconte: Because Bond movies take me away to an incredible ,thrilling,romantic and adventurous spy world!

Bc ¿ Can you tell something about yourself

Isabelle Visconte: Well,i'm a genuine person,an idealist,i believe in the power of love,i'm lost in my dreams...hoping they come true!,i'm professional and dedicated when it comes to hard work and if an audience has enjoyed my performance then that's absolutely my happiness,because the mission of an actor is to give emotions...

Thank you Isabelle Visconte for your time!

I hope your dream is fulfilled

“I love it so much because i need adrenaline and adventures!but life sometimes is boring so i need illusions and daydreams! The character of James Bond is a fascinating spy and” i love intrigue!

Isabelle Visconte

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